Locked Portcullis

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Locked Portcullis


Item type:

Doorway Stamp

Dungeon Pack

Price 1250Cubit.png

Locked portcullis is a door stamp which is available within the dungeon pack. When applied to a door, the previous door stamp will vanish.

By default it has similar texture to a Chiseled Cave Door, so it can copy the texture of any block next to it.


  • Can not be taken or entered when locked.
  • Use Gate Bumper 472 cropped.png to unlock the door.
  • Once placed, it can be removed by using another Door Stamps.
  • Doorskins are not refundable or exchangeable. Swapping existing stamps upon a door, will result in the loss of the previously placed stamp.

How to obtain

You can get it randomly by purchasing the Dungeon Pack in CubiC Store which costs 1250 Cubit.png. It also comes with a Gate Bumper.

Item preview

Locked Portcullis - Locked.png