Locked Portcullis

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Locked Portcullis


Item type:

Doorway Stamp

Dungeon Pack

Price 1250Cubit.png

Locked portcullis is a door stamp which available in dungeon pack, when you apply the stamp, the previous door stamp will gone.

By default it has same texture as Chiseled Cave Door, so it can copy texture of any block next to it.

Gate Bumper 472 cropped.png

Locked Portcullis is locked by default, and you need to bump a gate bumper to open it. You can't take it when it's locked, so if you want to move a door with that stamp you have to bump the gate bumper first.

How to obtain

You can get it by a random chance while purchasing Dungeon Pack in Cubic Store which cost 1250 Cubit.png, and you also get a gate bumper if you get this stamp from Dungeon Pack.


Locked Portcullis - Locked.png Locked Portcullis - Open.png Locked Portcullis - Taken.png Locked Portcullis - Copying Texture.png