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The Sunny Lobby

Lobbies are special Realms that work in a unique way. They're treated as a travel alternative to Launchpads and the Skymap Realm search.

As a Lobby is entered, the player will randomly be put into one of the available Rooms. Unlike Realms, Lobbies aren't directly linked to one static Room, but have a range of them. They all vary in types and can have different players inside all at the same time.

Their entrances can be found around all the Overworlds, however as of now they have no icons on the Skymap.

Types of Lobbies


The New Player Lobby is only accessible to new players that haven't completed the Tutorial. These players also cannot access any of the standard Lobbies or the Overworld. After Level one is reached, The New Player Lobby is substituted with a ... Lobby.

Each of the Lobbies contains a Doorway that leads to either your Starter Realm, or the Realm you chose by using My Precious. They also contain a door that lead to the Single Player Adventure and have a special search bumper that's used for browsing Realms.

All standard lobbies have an Overworld exit and a variety of random populated player Realms.


  • Even though the "Leave Realm" button isn't visible on the screen, it can still be accessed through the game menu. Using it will place the player into another random lobby.
  • If the Lobby was used to access a Room or a Realm, leaving it will cause the player to return to a Lobby and not the Overworld. To cancel this effect, the player has to simply go back to the Overworld.