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'''Clan:''' ---Animal Kingdom--- <br>
'''Clan:''' ---Animal Kingdom--- <br>
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Kn1ght4nd3r50n one of the game's retired moderators who has spent a lot of time moderating the game.

About Kn1ght4nd3r50n

Kn1ght4nd3r50n is a former game moderator.

Joined Cubic Castles: N/A

Roles: Player, Retired Game Moderator

Joined the in-game moderator team: June 11, 2020

Joined the forum moderator team: N/A

Location: Brazil

Languages known: English, Portuguese

Age: Unspecified

Gender: Male

Realms: Kn1ght4nd3r50n Overworld, Community Farm Shop

Clan: ---Animal Kingdom---