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Items And Blocks List

Basic Minable And Craftable Blocks

"Basic Minable And Craftable Blocks" are mainly all the decorative blocks and buildable items (as well as some harmful liquids) that you may collect from mines and or craft at any Work-Station (Workbench, Forge, Distilarry, Extractor but not Recube Box). They can be easily found or crafted by all players who know how to find them or craft them. However in order to craft some of them one may need some Tools and Crafting Perks. Check out Crafting page for more information. Check out crafting tables for more information on how to craft them. You may also find white households or housing items in this catageroty however it only covers decorative buildibles. Blocks like Bouncy Bumper, Dice, Wind Mechines, Accelo Rings or Mecho-Spikes can be under "Qbee Interactable Systems & Blocks" due to their functionallity even they are craftable.

Farmables, Plants And Consumables

"Farmables, Plants And Consumables" are mainly all the plants, farmable bushes, telefoods as well as the berries and other consumable foods but not Glue even its consumable. Its categorized under "Crafting Ingredients, Dyes And Tools" due to generally used as Ingredients. You may also call Consumables as Ingredients. All recube-flowers and trees are also categorized under this category but Flow Water is placed under "Qbee Interactable Systems & Blocks" due to its functionallity. Also magic bushes are not catagorized under this titile but under "System Items, Bugs & Discontinueds" even they aren't different than any farm bushes. -spoilers-

Crafting Ingredients, Dyes And Tools

"Crafting Ingredients, Dyes And Tools" are mainly all the non-buildable or non-consumable items that one may use for crafting at any Work-Station (Workbench, Forge, Distilarry, Extractor but not Recube Box). One exception is Glue since its also consumable as food but mainly used for crafting. All Consumables are also Ingredients so you may also say berries and egg is an Ingredient even Egg has no function except forming Nests as well as frostberries that may only be used for blue dye production.

Glasses, Clothing & Handheld Items

"Glasses, Clothing & Handheld Items" are self explaining... It includes all the dressing, masks, wands, ballon, umbrella, hats, beard, pants, skirts, tutu, cowl, robe, wigs, eyewears, pet tails and ears, wings and other wearable accesories, ect. All cannot be crafted. One can obtain them by trading, opening packs or from races. However, some are collected from seasonal packs or races, others require different tasks like quest hats or Doctor Glass and Nurse Hat. Null Hat is under "System Items, Bugs & Discontinueds". -spoilers-

Qbee Interactable Systems & Blocks

"Qbee Interactable Systems & Blocks" are any workstation or tradestation or player interactable object like postbox or trashcan (as well as toilets however they are shown on "Basic Minable And Craftable Blocks" with other housing items). Bumpers, Droppers, Smashable Blocks, Gears, Accelero Rings,Mecho-Spikes, Wind Mechine, Flow water are also in this category as well as others but Pulse Blocks, Nukes and Bombs under "Stamps, Sentries And Special Items":

Stamps, Sentries And Special Items

Pet Kennels & Seasonal Pack Items

System Items, Bugs & Discontinueds

Not Yet Categorized Items & Blocks

Crafting Recipes Table

Basic Crafting Recipes

Tool Requiring Recipes

Colorable Item Recipes

Forgable Item Recipes

Extraction Items Table

Distillation Items Table