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'''Languages known:''' English. <br>
'''Languages known:''' English. <br>
'''Age:''' Unspecified. <br>
'''Age:''' Unspecified. <br>
'''Gender:''' Unspecified. <br>
'''Gender:''' Male. <br>
'''Realms:''' Hinter's Amazing Amusements <br>
'''Realms:''' Hinter's Amazing Amusements <br>

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Hinter is a player whom has dedicated their spare time to help moderate Cubic Castles.

About Hinter

Hinter is a robot who has made it their goal to have the biggest amusement park in cubic castles! Hinter is known for his live event games, especially "Pick Da Color". The park has grown to 32 plus rooms, with the help of Hinter's carefully selected park staff! They have made the park what it is and Hinter thanks them tremendously! Hinter is also known for "HIRPS", which is a 12 minute roller coaster that goes through multiple player realms! Hinter is synonymous for their Robot Mask and Mantu. When not moderating Cubic Castles, the robot likes playing things like Strategy games and RPG's!

Joined Cubic Castles: 14th September 2014
Roles: Player, Ingame moderator.

Joined the ingame moderator team: 25th April 2015.
Left the ingame moderator team: N/A.

Location: U.S.A.
Languages known: English.
Age: Unspecified.
Gender: Male.

Realms: Hinter's Amazing Amusements
Clan: Scrinter Incorporated.