Harm Wand

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Harm Wand

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Item type:


Available in:


Cubit Store

Harm Wand is a Handheld Item, When you shoot/fire, skulls will appear. Once you get hit,You will take some damage. You can hit your enemies but only if the Player vs Player option is ON. It is a Wand that has a Skull Shape, Harm Wand has 1,500 charges.

How to obtain

The item is available through the Cubit Store for a price of 500 cubits and it comes with 2,000 charges.This item is also available by crafting it.


  • Purchased from cubit store, it comes with 2.000 charges,while when its crafted,it comes with only 1.500 charges.
  • Useful in PvP's , The damage you take from a shot can be reduced by having Brawny perk ON.

Item preview

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