Harm Wand

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Harm Wand

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Item type:


Available in:


Cubit Store

Harm Wand is a Handheld Item, When you shoot/fire, skulls will appear. Once you get hit, you will take some damage (1 heart without the Brawny Perk). You can hit your enemies but only if the Player vs Player option is ON. It is a Wand that has a Skull Shape, Harm Wand has 1,500 charges when crafted and 2,000 when bought. Its charges decreases by 1 every time you shoot

How to obtain

The item is available through the Cubit Store for a price of 500 cubits and it comes with 2,000 charges.This item is also available by crafting it with a Magical Potion, Red Magic Gem, Bones and a Silver Wand


  • The damage you take from a shot when the PvP style tag is ON can be reduced by having Brawny perk ON.

Item preview

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