Grey Half Checker

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Grey Half Checker

Grey Half Checker.png

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Grey Half Checker is the half checker version of a Grey Checker Block. It has the same appearance of a Grey Checker Block.

Types of Half Checkers

Grey Half Checker.png

Black Half Checker.png

Blue Half Checker.png

Green Half Checker.png

Orange Half Checker.png

Purple Half Checker.png

Pink Half Checker.png

Red Half Checker.png

Yellow Half Checker.png

White Half Checker.png

Grey Half Checker

Black Half Checker

Blue Half Checker

Green Half Checker

Orange Half Checker

Purple Half Checker

Pink Half Checker

Red Half Checker

Yellow Half Checker

White Half Checker

How to obtain

Workbench.png + Chisel.png Grey Checkers.png = Grey Half Checker.png
Workbench Chisel 1 1


  • All Checker blocks have a border that shows around the connected blocks of the same type.
  • The Checker design will not show until the blocks are placed within a connected 4x4 design or larger.
  • If Checkered blocks are not connected with at least a 4x4 design, the blocks will only adopt the border design.
  • The checker design does not show upon the sides of checkered blocks.

Item Preview