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Item type:



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Glue is a Crafting Ingredient. It is used in many crafting recipes.

How to obtain

Glue is obtained through crafting or within the Crafter's Kits via the Cubit Store

Anvil.png ORWorkbench.png Rubber.png = Glue.png
Anvil or Workbench 3 1


  • It is also a Consumable item. Once eaten, it will disable the chat function for a duration. If chat is attempted during this duration, random inconceivable text (Usually consists of the letters "M" and "H") is displayed within the speech bubble & chat window. The effect is only removed if the player logs out and back in, or the duration expires.

Item Preview

Bandicam 2016-07-16 12-22-40-676.jpg Bandicam 2016-07-16 12-23-15-439.jpg