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Glue is one of the most important Crafting Ingredients in Cubic Castles.Its used in many crafting recipes like the once for Gizmos,Dices, Stairs (Persian Rug Stairs, Terracotta Stairs, Mosaic Stairs, ect), Tables & Chairs, Signs... Its also Consumable. Once you eat it, you will not be able to talk properly. Thats why its also used in games and races. If you wait a long time or log out and log in back to game, you can talk properly again.

How to obtain

Glue can be obtained through crafting or in Crafter's Kits in Cubit Store

Anvil.png ORWorkbench.png Rubber.png = Glue.png
Anvil or Workbench 3 1

Item Preview

Bandicam 2016-07-16 12-22-40-676.jpg Bandicam 2016-07-16 12-23-15-439.jpg