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Crafting Ingredient

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Glass or Colorless Glass is a transparent building and crafting Block. By using [Dye]s, Glass can be colored to Black (Black Glass), Blue (Blue Glass), Green (Green Glass), Orange (Orange Glass), Purple (Purple Glass), Pink (Pink Glass), Red (Red Glass) and Yellow (Yellow Glass) as well as White but White Dye not makes the glass White; it just convert a colored glass back to colorless glass. So if you need White glassy block you may need Ice which is also a transparent building Block. Glass or Colorless Glass can be used to craft [Gizmo]s, Empty Jars and [Street Light]s. Red Glass and Blue Glass can also be used to craft Mosaic Floors. You may also store items in glass but only in colorless glass. One mainly needs this property of glass for Prize Dispansers. Placing too much colored and colorless glass in a Room or Relam may cause lots of lags. Glass and its colored forms also sometimes may cause weird graphic glitches! And there is also Null Hat glitch -spoilers-.

Types of Glass Block


Black Glass.png

Blue Glass.png

Green Glass.png

Orange Glass.png

Purple Glass.png

Pink Glass.png

Red Glass.png

Yellow Glass.png


Black Glass

Blue Glass

Green Glass

Orange Glass

Purple Glass

Pink Glass

Red Glass

Yellow Glass

How to obtain

Glass is Craftable and can be crafted in forge by heating sand for 3 seconds

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