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Friend Sentry

Friend Sentry.png

Item type:


Available in:

Cubit Store

A Friend Sentry is a sentry (lock) that can be used on doors and chests. To use it, first place the door (doorway/portal) or chest then place the friend sentry on the door or chest by clicking or tapping on it. After placing it a window will pop up, saying that you have placed it succesfully. After placing it, the door or chest is only accessible by you and the players in your friends list as well as moderators and admins. Only you, your friends, admins and mods may pass it and no one else may pass that door or open that chest or break any of the affected items. The only way to remove a Friend Sentry is to have the realm owner break or move the object. Once this is done, the sentry will pop back into existance and will be ready for use once again.