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The Cubic Castles Forums

The cubic forums has a wide range of players from new to experienced. The game need ideas, mini games, and it's a good way to get to know some of our cubic castles players. We use the forums to share each other's stories, events, experiences, pasts, worries, ideas, so entirely the forums is really helpful. The forums is just a great way to communicate.

How to make a forum account

Making a forum account is really basic all you need is a simple in-game account. Note: You can't make more than one forum account unless permission granted!If you go directly to our forums you have the option to sign in, you have to enter your in-game name and you in-game password, no one will see it don't worry! Then you're ready to go, all you need to do from there is, edit, create, polish, see, make your account however you desire.

Forum Moderators and Administrators ===

Yes, as you do in-game we also have forums moderators and administrators. The moderators help control the forums and help make them better. The administrators obviously administrate the forums and pretty much make them.Be careful as if someone has a administrator tag that means they are most likely a admin in-game, however if someone has an in-game moderator tag on the forums doesn't mean they are a forum moderator, if a player has the forum moderator tag doesn't mean they are a moderator in-game!

Forum Rules

As like in-game we need forum rules and warnings, here they are:


Be polite and respect each other.

Edit your comments/discussions wherever possible instead of multi-posting.

Make discussions in appropriate forum sections.

Pick suitable discussion titles that are clear and to the point.

Listen to the forum staff and respect their decisions.

Think before you comment, make sure that your comments are making sense for others to understand.

Report any content that is violating these rules to the forum staff by clicking the flag button.

If no one has responded within your topic for 48 hours, you may bump the topic with a comment. (They will not be taken as multi-posts)

Leave moderation to the forum staff. Helping people is one thing, but constant arguments about who is right and who is wrong are not needed. "Mini-Modding" or any similar behaviour will be treated as a violation of our forum rules.

If you're going to run a community competition, make sure you get through with it to the end and give out the promised prizes. Don't make others waste their time and efforts for nothing.

Snooping around the game files is not recommended, but also not disallowed. However, it does not mean we have to have people spoiling all the surprises here on the forums. It just ruins the fun for others, and If you do want to share them, please do it privately or always keep them in suitable spoilers.

You can report scams, but only on this thread (evidence required) -

If you wish to say a goodbye, please do so on your personal activity wall (not in a discussion).


Do not spam or make large quantities of discussion/activity comments in a row. We won't punish you for accidentally multi-posting, or answering two questions in separate comments, but always try to keep it at a sensible level.

Do not post any inappropriate content, that includes offensive language and explicit topics and/or imagery.

Do not create multiple discussions for the same topic, use the present one instead.

Do not create discussions for topics that were solved and/or locked.

Do not bully or provoke others, your opinion is always welcome but there are limits to everything.

Do not share any coupon codes on the forums, they are meant for specific audiences.

Do not engage in any illegal or malicious actions.

Do not bump ancient and outdated discussions, just make another one with your detailed explanation.

Do not use the forums for any profit-related commercial activity such as gold (cubit) selling.

Do not make multi-accounts to avoid warnings/bans or abuse any of these guidelines, such accounts will be permanently banned and the original account may also be punished if necessary.

Do not share or reveal any personal information about yourself or others.

Do not use any text formatting or html coding other than listed in this thread:

Additional rules for the Off-Topic section ONLY:

Short answers are allowed!

For the "Forum Games" sub forum: Only 3 comments are allowed per 24hrs for the entire forum games section, and only 1 comment per topic per 24hrs.

Do not post inappropriate content even if it fits the topic. (Pictures, Links, etc)

Additional rules for the Trading section ONLY:

If you wish to make people aware of an update/change in your discussion, you may bump it with a maximum of 2 times prior to the 48hr limit. (They will not be taken as multi-posts, providing that you explain the update.)

If you are going to do an "Auction topic", please state an end time and date for said auction. This keeps it fair for sellers and consumers alike.

Every user has the right to set any desired price to their items for sale/trade. Every user has the right to politely counter offer for any items listed for sale/trade. Every user has the right to offer polite advice on listed item's values, though preferably in private as to not derail sale topics. Every user has the right to politely refuse offers.

Do not hijack other user's trade topics. Hijacking in the sense of stealing potential customers from topics, and/or placing your own advertisements upon others topics.

Try to recycle your topics, or edit them if you wish to list another item for sale/trade. Every topic you post has an edit option. Lets try to reduce flooding.


If you break any of these rules, you might get a warning or a temporary ban. Continuous violations of these rules can lead to a permanent suspension of your account.

These warnings do not decay. However, if you haven't violated the rules for over 30 days, you can message one of our forum moderators and they'll review your appeal. If you happen to have any of the serious warnings (depending on the violation), you'll have to wait up to 90 days.

There is an account warning information box located on your profile description page. No one apart from you and our forum staff can see your warnings, they all stay invisible to the public. They can be accessed through selecting your name in the forum toolbar:


There are three types of warnings:

A mild warning is just an informative reminder. It does not count towards a ban, however it will indicate that you were informed on a point from these forum rules and asked to stop.

A medium warning indicates that you chose to ignore the previously given reminder and continued breaking these rules. You may receive a short temporary ban.

Severe warnings are the end of the line. If you get to this stage, you will most likely receive a long temporary ban or your account will get permanently suspended.

Any violation of the game guidelines and terms of service will act as a violation of the forum rules as well. Also, remember that what happens on other forums, stays on other forums.

If you have any questions or having trouble understanding any of the above, feel free to private message an active forum moderator. They will do their best to help you.