Fizzled Wand

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Fizzled Wand

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A Fizzled Wand, is a wand that has lost all of it's available charge. Each wand has its representative charges when crafted/bought, when it hits 0, it turns into a fizzled wand. Firing when the wand is equipped within the "Hand" slot, makes the player spin the wand, but is unable to fire any projectiles.

Available Wands

IMG 089.png

Heal Wand.png

Dwad 0dawddad88.png

Shrink Wand.png

Necromancing Wand.png

Fizzled Wand.png

Harm Wand

Heal Wand

Knock Back Wand

Shrink Wand

Necromancing Wand

Fizzled Wand

How to obtain

When any wand reaches 0 remaining charges.

Item preview

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