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== Plant ==
== Plant ==
[[File:Farm1.PNG|thumb|200px|Farming Starter Pack]]
[[File:Farm2.PNG|thumb|200px|Seeds planted in soil]]
===Getting started===
===Getting started===
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== Grow ==
== Grow ==
[[File:Farm3.PNG|thumb|200px|Filling up the watering can]]
[[File:Farm4.PNG|thumb|200px|Watered plants]]
===3)  Fill up your Watering can===
===3)  Fill up your Watering can===
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== Harvest ==
== Harvest ==
[[File:Farm5.PNG|thumb|200px|Full-grown plants]]
[[File:Farm6.PNG|thumb|200px|Farming level]]
===6)  Harvest the crops===
===6)  Harvest the crops===
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== Perks ==
== Perks ==
[[File:TractorCollect.PNG|thumb|200px|Farm tech level 3 unlocks the use of a tractor to collect full-grown crops!]]
All farming perks and their details:
All farming perks and their details:
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== Crop Use ==
== Crop Use ==
[[File:Farm7.PNG|thumb|200px|Cubic Farmer's Co-op ]]
[[File:Farm8.PNG|thumb|200px|Cooked food]]
===I got the crops, what now?===
===I got the crops, what now?===

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This guide will teach you the basics farming, anyone can become a farmer with the right knowledge!



Getting started

To start farming, you firstly need to get some items. Go into the Cubit Store and buy a Farming Starter Pack, it costs only 50 Cubit.png Cubits!

1) Place some soil

Now that you've got everything you need, you can start making a farm. Find your soil blocks and place them down.

2) Plant the seeds

Congratulations, your farm is ready! Plant some seeds and start growing! They will surely become your pride and joy.



3) Fill up your Watering can

Your seeds won't grow without water, but first lets fill up the can... it's empty! Find some water and use an Anvil to fill it up.

4) Water the seeds

Watering is simple, select your can from the inventory and click on a seed. If you see a small puddle, they're watered!

5) Watch them grow

After a few days, your seeds will grow into full-grown plants. The time depends on the seeds you use. However, you have to keep watering them every day... or they'll wither and die!



6) Harvest the crops

See ripe fruits/vegetables? Mine them and collect your hard work! Don't worry if you're not sure if they're ready, just give them a pull and see if they budge.

7) Check your profile

Each time you mine a full-grown plant you receive some farming XP, cool right? The more XP you acquire the higher farmer level you'll get.

When you level up, there are some farming perks for you to choose from. They will give you access to better crops, cattle, and other cool stuff!



All farming perks and their details:

Botanic.png Unlock crops:
  • Perk Level 1: Corn
  • Perk Level 2: Eggplant
  • Perk Level 3: Wheat

Land Manager
LandManager.png Manage more crops:
  • Perk Level 1: 20 in 1 Realm
  • Perk Level 2: 50 in 1 Realm
  • Perk Level 3: 100 in 2 Realms
  • Perk Level 4: 250 in 3 Realms
  • Perk Level 5: 500 in 5 Realms

Crop Converter
CropConverter.png Unlock extracting:
  • Perk Level 1: Corn Oil from Corn
  • Perk Level 2: Flour from Wheat

Poultryman.png Raise more chickens:
  • Perk Level 1: 2 per Realm
  • Perk Level 2: 5 per Realm
  • Perk Level 3: 15 per Realm

Pig Pal
PigPal.png Raise more pigs:
  • Perk Level 1: 2 per Realm
  • Perk Level 2: 5 per Realm
  • Perk Level 3: 15 per Realm

Cattle Rancher
CattleRancher.png Raise more cows:
  • Perk Level 1: 2 per Realm
  • Perk Level 2: 5 per Realm
  • Perk Level 3: 15 per Realm

Farm Tech
FarmTech.png Unlock techs:
  • Perk Level 1: Small Sprinklers
  • Perk Level 2: Big Springlers
  • Perk Level 3: A tractor to harvest crops with!

Crop Use


I got the crops, what now?

Farmed crops can be used in a variety of ways. Since you've just started, sell them to our local farmer for Recubes! They are essential for buying more seeds, soil, and other farming items.

You can find him in an official realm "Cubic Farmer's Co-Op", there are doors in Lobbies leading to it.

Other uses

1) Combine ingredients on the crafting table to cook food! You'll need the stove to bake some things too, but make sure to re-place ones placed before the update.

2) Extract Corn for Corn Oil, and Wheat for Flour. (Perks required)


Bring in some livestock

A farm wouldn't be complete without a set of filth... em, cute animals. They're not only decorative either! They can be bought from our local Rancher for Recubes, he can also be found in "Cubic Farmer's Co-Op" just as the Farmer.

There are special farm blocks in the store, build them all nice homes to live in!


Cattle, for your mooost amazing farm.

Bring some Jugs with you though, big ones give milk!


Oinks Oinks, they'll give you that unique country side feeling... and smell.

Great never the less!


You can't beat being woken up early by these little fellas.

Well, especially when they give you eggs!