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NEW.png Current Events NEW.png

Gold Christmas Tree.png Winter and Christmas Facebook Art Contest (2018) Gold Christmas Tree.png

Cubic Castles needs a brand new Winter themed cover! Artists, it's time for a cold looking banner! Deadline was October 7th. 3 artists will get rewarded 200,000 Cubit.png (1st place), 150,000 Cubit.png (2nd place) and 75,000 Cubit.png (3rd place). 2 honourable mentions would be shown in the slide show (4th & 5th place).

CowBlock.png Seasonal Building Contests CowBlock.png

These contests are usually organized around celebrations like Christmas or Easter.
Click here to see all the building contests.

Computer.png Facebook Art Contests Computer.png

Cubic Castles regularly needs to update its facebook banner. Some contests are then created for these occasions.
Click here to see all the contests.

2018 Events

Click here to see all the 2018 events.

2017 Events

Click here to see all the 2017 events.

2016 Events

Click here to see all the 2016 events.

2015 Events

Click here to see all the 2015 events.

2014 Events

Click here to see all the 2014 events.


  • All the listed events are official.
  • Events can be found in Space Fetus's Official Event Realm.
  • The events are hosted by our Event Co-Ordinator Space_Fetus.