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Currently, Space Fetus is in charge of all of the game's events.


  • All the listed events are official.
  • Space Fetus' events can be found in Space Fetus's Official Event Realm.

Current Events

The Raffle Box

The Raffle Box is an ongoing event that ends at the end of every month, and starts at the beginning of every month. Each month, a new item is to be raffled for players with Raffle Tokens they can earn by logging in daily. To submit your Raffle Tokens, there are Raffle Boxes found in the "Cubic Town Center", or the "Cubic Learning Center". The winners are chosen by random. Make sure you put the tokens inside the raffle box and not in someone's inventory! Report anyone who is camping (Standing on the box to steal player's tokens, or to make sure their token is not counted) on the box!

The Wireless parkour

To introduce the brand new wireless update, Space Fetus built an unique parkour using all the items available. Throughout islands, spudbugs has become the killers, and Qbees the victims! A brand new experience for all! From May 17th to May 20th, everyone is invited to test this parkour. Amongst all the players who would have reached the end, 20 Qbees would win enough cubits to buy a switch pack when they will be released!

2018 Events

The Little Big Parkour

A mysterious message had appeared on players' screen : "In Tinkerworld amongst the worlds of Space lies a realm like no other". Once this enigma was solved, a floating parkour awaited all the visitors. The first 3 Qbees to reach the end would win 100,000 Cubit.png, 50,000 Cubit.png and 25,000 Cubit.png each. In addition, 15 random players would win a Starry Scarf.

Facebook Art Contest

At the end of January, everyone had to take out their pens and softwares to make the best Facebook Banner for the Official Cubic Castles Facebook account. The 3rd place winner would win 12,500 Cubit.png, the 2nd place winner would win 25,000 Cubit.png and the 1st place winner would win 50,000 Cubit.png, and their banner would be displayed on the Cubic Castles Facebook account.

The Best Realms Of 2017

In early February, SirKewberth opened his Realm Museum to players once again! The best realms created in 2017 would be added to this museum. All realms would be judged and classed among 6 categories. The 3 first realms of each category would win additional Cubit.png. A total of 39 realms have been added.

The True Love Course

During Valentine's 2018, Space Fetus hosted a parkour event. Random 15 players who would finish The True Love Parkour and bump the Guestbook Bumper would win a Wuvva Pig Pet.

Valentine Story or Poem

From February 19th to February 28th, Space Fetus hosted a Valentine's event regarding stories and poems. Qbees' task was to make up a story or a poem about Valentine's, friendship or love in relation to Cubic Castles and post it on the forums. The best 5 stories/poems would win a Cupid's Halo.

Valentine's Building Contest 2018

The Valentine's building contest was created and hosted by Space Fetus, one of our in-game and forum moderators. From February 5th to February 28th, Qbees' task was to build a vessel related to love and valentine.

The Cubic Renaissance Fair

From 5th March to 11th March, the Cubic Renaissance Fair had pitched its tents in Tinkerworld. All players were invited in this Medieval looking fair to find tickets throughout 4 realms. 15 lucky players would win a Dino Head.

Easter Facebook Art Contest

During Easter, Cubic Castles needed a new Facebook Banner! 5 artists would win an Easter Umbrella.

Town Center PJ's Event

A mysterious door had appeared in the Town Center. Parkour skills were required to reach the end of Rolim's Castle Race. From 19th March to 25th March, all players were able to have a chance to be one of the 15 random players picked to win Bunny Pyjamas.

An Egg-celent Egg Hunt!

During Easter, Space Fetus hid 100 eggs in one of his realms, "Space Fetus's World Of Wonders". Amongst all the egg seekers, 15 would win an Epic Greek Orthodox Easter Crown.

Super Cubic Land

In Tinkerworld amongst the realms of Space Fetus, a strange pipe has emerged from the ground who knows what secrets it holds... The 10 first to finish this would win an Easterider, besides 15 random winners would win Chick Coop.

Easter's Building Contest 2018

The Valentine's building contest was created and hosted by Space Fetus, one of our in-game and forum moderators. From April 2nd to April 15th, Qbees' task was to build one of the missing part of the Bunnyzilla Town. The 5 best creations would win 500,000 Cubit.png, 300,000 Cubit.png, 150,000 Cubit.png, 75,000 Cubit.png and 50,000 Cubit.png.

The Little Big Maze

In a gloomly world raised a giant mini maze. His owner, Space Fetus, made all his possible to trick and leave his visitors lost in this foggy environnement... In between April 16th and April 22nd, from all who could reach the end before leaving, 15 of them would win a Booger. Besides, the 10 first to achieve to reach the end would win an Egg Hat.

Bomber Zone Golden Pagoda

From April 23th to April 30th, Space Fetus invited us to sightsee a gorgeous and wonderful golden pagoda and all its secrets around! But some guestbook bumpers have awaken and raised throughout this world... A total of 6 for all players who wish to find them in order to be apart of the 15 lucky winners of a Monster Head.

Space Fetus's Great Big Puzzle

Space Fetus created his first, and the first reflexion event in Cubic Castles. The players who would dare the mod's mind who face several rooms with uniques enigmas. For the best, a giant dark maze wait them. To those who would find and reach the end, 15 amongst them would win 25,000 Cubit.png. (May 1st - May 6th)

Sir Kewberth's Parkour Event

Welcome to Sir Kewberth's first 2018 event! To celebrate this, Sir Kewberth opened a forgotten realm from May 7th to May 13th.. 5 parts will test your parkour skills, along icy paths or gloomy walls ... Amongst the Qbees who would reach the end, 15 of them would win 25,000 Cubit.png each.

2017 Events

The Cubic Clan Race 2

During April 15th, 2017 at 8AM Cubic Castles Time, Clans across the game were competing to win prizes once again in the Cubic Clan Race. Hints were given in the official thread at 8AM Cubic Castles time which led players on a scavenger hunt across official realms to find more hints. The race was concluded on April 15th, 2017. [1]

Easter Egg Hunt 2017

From April 11th, 2017 to May 1st, 2017 every QBee could compete against each other to collect Easter Eggs for a chance to win an Easter Umbrella and Black Umbrella. If they managed to place in the top 50 they received a Black Umbrella, and an Easter Umbrella. If they placed 50th to 100th they would receive an Easter Umbrella. Anyone who got more than 1000 eggs automatically received a balloon. [2]

Ram Week

From May 9, 2017 to May 13, 2017 CC had a unique event for players! Ram Week involved building or any scenario that highlighted the Ramm. Top picks were gifted a Ramm Pet to keep.

Cubic Comic Contest

From July 2017 to July 31st, 2017, anyone could submit a Cubic Castles related comic via the forums! Comics were based on humour and artwork. Top picks were rewarded with different cubit amounts, but everyone who entered at least received a consolation prize.

Halloween Ghost Hunting 2

In 2017, the Ghost Hunting event returned during Halloween, bringing back all the previous Plasms, as well as 5 new ones.

2016 Events

Krampus Giveaway Challenge 2016

SirKewberth in December 2016 hosted an event where anyone who beat a puzzle in his realm could bump a guestbumper to have a chance of winning a Krampus. 50 Krampuses were given in the end. [[3]]

There was also another chance to obtain this "Krampus" item! Players had to build the best Christmas themed realm. Top 50 players with the best realm obtained this item!

Halloween Ghost Hunting

An update was released to Cubic Castles in October of 2016, where spooky ghosts, known as plasms, would appear around mines and in realms. However specific plasms would only appear in certain environments or mines. This event involves catching the plasms and requires a two qbee team to do so. One qbee needs to wear a psychic revelation hat so the plasm can be seen, and the other needs to wear a psychic repulsion hat to effectively repel the plasm into a trap. Once caught the plasm can be transferred into a containment unit for all to see and be kept on display this way even after Halloween.

Cubic Halloween Town

For Halloween 2016 Horus hosted a building contest with an entry fee of 5000 cubits. To win the building contest you just had to build the creepiest candy-distributing house. Each plot was based on three factors (creepiness, house design, and how good their plot's front yard is). The contest ended November 6th 2016. [4]

Create a new CC video trailer contest

The previous Cubic Castles trailer video was outdated and it needed an update. To make the contest non-bias and effective the judges were people who had never heard of Cubic Castles. [5]

Top Realms May/June 2016

On May 9th, 2016, SirKewberth announced a contest in which players would nominate what they thought were the best realms, nominations ended on May 20th 2016. [6]

The Cubic Clan Race

On April 2nd, 2016, The Clan Race had been announced! Users would have to race in 12 different unseen courses in which they would be given 20 minutes to get as many points as possible. Points were given based on how fast you were to get to the bumper, and how many guest bumpers you hit. Some courses also had the added option to solve a puzzle or get a treasure for even more bonus points! The winning team was "Redwood Souls" with 177 points. The Clan Race ended May 22nd. [7]

The First Raffle

After the Great Egg Hunt, players found BunnyZilla once again! However, he didn't bring hats and such, he brought Raffle Tokens. These tokens could be used in an raffle for a chance to get the Easter Umbrella. The winning player was "@madetolove". [8]

The Great Egg Hunt

An Easter Themed Event was announced by Horus on March 10th, 2016. Instead of the cooperative event last year, players competed against each other in collecting eggs. The top 50 players who collected the most eggs were rewarded with an exclusive item called the Easter Umbrella. Anyone who collected over 500 eggs was given a Red Balloon. The top player who collected the most eggs received an bonus, however it is undetermined what that is. The event lasted until March 27th, 2016. [9]

Valentine's Contest

Today is February 14th, 2016, love is in the air! A new contest had been created by Horus in which players had 2 options to participate. They could write a poem and submit it as long as it followed the guidelines for the contest. If players decided not to submit a poem, they could also take a screenshot of them and their valentine and anything else. The event would end the following day. [10] Winners were announced on February 17th 2016, the winning screenshots were submitted by "Ty The Guy", and "AshiMagari". The winning poems were submitted by "Amberlily", and "TheTimMan". 6 other players were chosen by random. [11]

2015 Events

The Big Krampus Giveaway

On December 3rd, 2015, A contest was announced as players realized there was no Krampus in the Yules Pack. For players who were hoping to get one there was a contest added. The developers had some extra Krampus masks (25) they would be giving out on Christmas. To get one you would've needed to throw a warp cookie onto SirKewberth's Realm's Donation Table. Players would be disqualified if they placed more then 1 cookie/warp food onto the donation table. This method of entering was later changed and users just had to submit a picture to CubicCastle's social media before December 25th, 2015 when the event was closed. [12]

Black Friday Sale

On November 25th, 2015, SirKewberth announced that a Black Friday Sales Event would be happening the upcoming Friday. (November 27th, 2015) Cubit packs would double in cubits on that day. Bonus chests would NOT be doubled. The event was finished on November 28th, 2015. [13]

Cubic Jail Dungeon Contest

Horus had started an Jail Dungeon Contest on July 19th, 2015. Builders could submit their dungeon for the Cubic Jail design to Horus who would take their dungeon and place it into the Dungeon Showcase Room. From there the dungeons would be reviewed on September 5th, 2015. The winning user was "JustMeg" whose dungeon can be viewed at the back of the Cubic Jail. The event ended on September 16th 2015. [14]

Take 2 on Call of The Clans Event

Previously in the Call of The Clans Event the server couldn't handle the amount of users in 1 realm. The event was postponed until July 11th, 2015. The top 3 winning clans received large amounts of cubits, The winning clan was "Sugardale", running up was "Super QBeez", followed by "Amicorum". The winners were annouced July 12th 2015. [15]

Overworld Naming Contest

On July 2nd, 2015, SirKewberth had announced a Overworld Naming Contest. They had recently added a new overworld to the game called "Aspen" which was filled with Realms pretty fast. To win the contest you had to submit an overworld name for the new overworld. The top 3 runner-ups would be selected by Cubic Castles Admins and would be given cubits as a prize. The top runner-up would have their overworld name as the new overworld. The winning name was "Aegis" submitted by "truehypersonic". The 2nd runnerup was "samboyer276" who submitted the name "Lemuria", the 3rd runnerup submitted "Elion" and their username was "JackPikachu". However, there was a bonus prize given to "biggly2c" who submitted "Gemini". The contest was closed July 7th, 2015 and winners were announced July 13th, 2015. [16]

Call of The Clans Event

On June 29th, 2015, Mabz announced an new event called Call Of The Clans! In this event Clans would compete in a race to find different clues, solving puzzles, and enduring parkour in order to bring "peace and prosperity", and to receive the treasures that awaited them (prizes). Upon the first race, the server couldn't handle the amount of users in one realm, so the event was postponed until a later date. [17]

The Legend of Bunnyzilla

The Legend of Bunnyzilla event was a teamwork event for every single player of Cubic Castles, players had to collect as many Easter Eggs as they could which were found in realms/rooms and mines. QBee academics estimated to summon "Bunnyzilla" they would have to collect 100,000 - 250,000 eggs all together. Once summoned, you can follow it to a mine or find it in a mine where "Bunnyzilla" would toss out Easter Hats, Easter Bonnets, Bunny Top Hats, Cash Registers, Gold Blocks and many more items for qbees to collect! BunnyZilla was confirmed by SirKewberth to be its own entity, not an enlarged Qbee in bunny costume. The event started April 2nd, 2015, and ended April 10th, 2015. [18]


2014 Events

Black Friday Special

During November 29th, 2014 all Cubit Packs were doubled in cubits, this event ended December 1st, 2014.[19]

Steam Release

On August 13th 2014, Cubic Castles was available on Steam.