Doc's Mirror

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Doc's Mirror

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The Doc's mirror is a charity Clothing item that equips within the "Head" slot of the outfit section.

How to obtain


  1. Open
  2. Select "Donate now"
  3. Enter the amount desired ( $10 USD minimal to receive a Doc's Mirror )
  4. Enter your Cubic castles character name. Do not select the hide option ( aka Anonymous donation )
  5. Type in your Friend Code within the comment box.
  6. Follow the remaining prompts
  7. Once a donation is complete, open
  8. Select "Open a New ticket"
  9. Select "General inquiry"
  10. Fill out the form with your details
  11. Within the "Issue Details" box, explain that you donated and state your friend code.
  12. Now await the receival of your hat.

Within a few working days, the Hat will appear within your inventory once processed.
If steps 4, 5, 10 & 11 are not completed correctly, or if the donation is not completed, you may not receive a hat.


  • Both a Doc's Mirror & a Nurse's Hat can be obtained by donating $20 USD instead of $10 USD.

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