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== How to obtain ==
== How to obtain ==
* Obtained by donating $10 USD at https://www.gofundme.com/teamtrevorsullivan in a specific manner, with a credit card.
<p style="color:red;">This hat is no longer available on the site.</p>
# Open https://www.gofundme.com/teamtrevorsullivan
# Select "Donate now"
# Enter the amount desired ( $10 USD minimal to receive a Doc's Mirror )
# Enter your Cubic castles character name. ''Do not select the hide option ( aka Anonymous donation )''
# Type in your [[Friend Code]] within the comment box.
# Follow the remaining prompts
# Once a donation is complete, open http://help.cubiccastles.com/support/
# Select "Open a New ticket"
# Select "General inquiry"
# Fill out the form with your details
# Within the "Issue Details" box, explain that you donated and state your friend code.
# Now await the receival of your hat.
Within a few working days, the Hat will appear within your inventory once processed.<br>
''If the steps are not completed correctly, or if the donation is not completed, you may not receive a hat.''

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Doc's Mirror

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The Doc's mirror is a charity Clothing item that equips within the "Head" slot of the outfit section.

How to obtain

This hat is no longer available on the site.


  • Both a Doc's Mirror & a Nurse's Hat can be obtained by donating $20 USD instead of $10 USD.

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