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Diamond is a Block in Cubic Castles. It has silver-blue (Diamond-like) color, with some cracks and shiny effects. It's good as a decoration, building material, and a vital ingredient for Laser Cutter.

This block was added on 2/1/2016.

How to obtain

Diamond can only be found in Mines as well as newly placed Rooms and Realms. Bomb is needed to mine this block, as you cannot mine this by hand. Once acquired from a mine or from other players, Diamonds (Like other jewelry blocks such as Ruby and Emerald) will no longer require the use of Bomb to remove once placed.

In normal mines (And Rooms/Realms), it will appear underground, usually in a group of 5-8. Plus, it has a 50% chance of decaying when Bomb is used. However, in Cavern Mines, only one Diamond will spawn in one place, and this Diamond won't be decayed by the use of Bomb.

Item preview

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