Deep Forest Mines

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Deep Forest Mines can be found via Forest Mines. Entering one would randomly lead you to a default Forest Mine, or to a Deep Forest Mine. It has some unique blocks and resoucres that one can't mine anywhere else.

Blocks and Resources

Item name:
Item name:
Item name:
Forest Grass.png Forest Grass Half Forest Grass.png Half Forest Grass Dirt.png Dirt
Gold.png Gold Silver.png Silver Iron.png Iron
Coal.png Coal Stone.png Stone Bush.png Bush
Water.png Water Black Marble.png Black Marble Mud.png Mud
Green Goop.png Green Goop Slyme Ball.png Slyme Ball Water Lily.png Water Lily
Thorny Vines.png Thorny Vines Wild Grass.png Wild Grass Dark Raw Stone.png Dark Raw Stone
Forest Leaves.png Forest Leaves File:Greenie Polka Tree.png Greenie Polka Tree File:Greenie Polka Base.png Greenie Polka Base
File:Giant Mushroom Stalk Top.png Giant Mushroom Stalk Top File:Giant Mushroom Stalk.png Giant Mushroom Stalk File:Giant Mushroom Stalk Base.png Giant Mushroom Stalk Base
Fern.png Fern Mushroom.png Mushroom Mushroom Patch.png Mushroom Patch
Wild Blue Flower.png Wild Blue Flower Wild Red Flower.png Wild Red Flower Wild White Flower.png Wild White Flower
Lily Pad.png Lily Pad Slyme Splat.png Slyme Splat

Newbies Tips

  • You will always find mud under goop and water.
  • Slyme Ball spawns on goop.
  • Thorny vines give damages if you step on them.
  • Forest leaves' consistency is 0, which means you can walk through them


Deep Forest Mine.PNG