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Cut-O-Matik 5000!

Cut-O-Matik 5000!.png

Item type:


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The Cut-O-Matik 5000! is a crafting station used to cut normal blocks in Sculpty Blocks. Only certain kinds of blocks can be turned into Sculpties, as seen below. The blocks are made in batches of 5 at a time, each batch taking 45 minutes to craft before spitting out the final product. Visit the Sculpty Blocks page to see all the recipes that can be made with this crafting station.


The Cut-O-Matik 5000! is 2x1x1 blocks in size.

How To Obtain

Screwdriver.png Workbench.png Stainless Steel Plate.png + Steel Gear.png + Gizmo.png + Spring.png = Cut-O-Matik 5000!.png
Screwdriver Workbench x6 x6 x6 x6 Cut-O-Matik 5000!

Item Preview

Here it is in the game, next to a player for size.