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Cubit Store

Cubit Store is the official game store that allows players to buy a variety of goods for their Cubits Cubit.png and Recubes Recube.png

The store itself is split into four main categories:

  • Get Cubits - Used for buying cubits.
  • Outfits - Clothes. Make your character stand out!
  • Build - Rooms, Realms, Blocks, and anything you need for building.
  • Items - Stamps, Sentries, and all the little things.

In addition to that, the store offers all the new/limited packs on the front page. This way you won't miss a thing!

Randomised Drops


Clothing packs in the Cubit Store have randomised rarity drops. What items you get is dependant on how rare they are, and how lucky you are.

This is the rarity system:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Very Rare

  • Wondrous

  • Quest/Event

The rarer an item gets, the less chance you have of getting it from a pack... with one exception. Items with the Quest/Event rarity level are not available through the Cubit Store.

As the name suggests, they are only obtainable from Quests or/and Events.


Randomised drops that are not dependant on rarity work in a simple way: You have equal chances of obtaining any of them.

Therefore, if you were to buy a Flower Power pack, the store will give you 20 random recube-only flowers that were set to drop from that pack.

Store Perks

The store price and rarity chances can be changed using a couple of perks.

If you cannot resist buying new clothes each week, or want to save up some Cubits, be sure to get them!


Level 1 - Save 5% on your cubit store total.
Level 2 - Save 10% on your cubit store total.


Level 1 - Double your chance of getting uncommon or rare items when buying hats or clothes!
Level 2 - Triple your chance of getting uncommon or rare items when buying hats or clothes!

Buying Rooms/Realms

Want to buy a Room/Realm but don't know how it works? You've come to the right place!

Rooms and Realms are purchasable from the Cubit Store. They can be found in the "Build" category, and their price will depend on how big they are.

  • Rooms are places which you own. You can build there, mine anything inside, change their settings, and have fun with friends.
  • Realms work just as rooms, but also come with a castle deed. That deed is used to place your castle in an Overworld, naming it, and making it enter-able from the outside.

Room Size

When choosing their dimensions, it is important to keep in mind which position your camera faces as you enter.

But don't worry, here's a little table:

33 X 33
← Width → ↑ Length ↓

The left side is meant for width, and the right for length.

All Rooms/Realms have a height of 100 blocks.

Biome Type

Each Room/Realm comes with a biome. You can choose one from the drop down menu as you buy it, and best of all, the biome choice has no effect on the price.

At the moment, there are six to choose from:

  • Biome icon1.pngForest
  • Biome icon2.pngDesert
  • Biome icon3.pngMountain
  • Biome icon5.pngTropical
  • Biome icon4.pngArctic
  • Biome icon6.pngEmpty

Sample Store Packs


The Chosen Pack
Icon adventure.png
250 Cubit.png
Spudbug Pack
Icon spudbugpack.png
5000 Cubit.png
Unstable Pack
Icon unstable.png
1500 Cubit.png


Critter Suit
Icon critter.png
800 Cubit.png
Icon wings.png
750 Cubit.png
Icon accessories.png
500 Cubit.png
Hats & Wigs
Icon hats.png
350 Cubit.png
Icon clothes.png
150 Cubit.png
  • 1 Random clothing item.*


Get Rooms
Icon rooms.png
150 - 5000 Cubit.png
  • 1 Room with chosen dimensions
Get Realms
Icon realm.png
2750 - 9500 Cubit.png
  • 1 Realm with chosen dimensions
Iron Pack
Icon iron.png
1500 Cubit.png
Stone Pack
Icon stone.png
1500 Cubit.png
Sand Pack
Icon sand.png
1500 Cubit.png
Wood Pack
Icon wood.png
1500 Cubit.png
Plaster Pack
Icon plaster.png
1250 Cubit.png
Marble Pack
Icon marble.png
3000 Cubit.png
Crafter's Kit
Icon craft.png
2500 Cubit.png
Luxury Metals
Icon metals.png
2500 Cubit.png
Icon scaffold.png
200 Cubit.png
Water Pack
Icon water.png
1250 Cubit.png
Dungeon Pack
Icon dungeon.png
1250 Cubit.png
Color Pack
Icon color.png
350 Cubit.png
Housing Pack
Icon house.png
1500 Cubit.png
Farm Pack
Icon farm.png
500 Cubit.png


Recube Bin
Icon bin.png
250 Cubit.png
Scrub Pack
Icon scrub.png
10 Recube.png
Flower Power
Icon flowers.png
15 Recube.png
  • 20 Random recube-only flowers*
Polka Dot Trees
Icon polka.png
20 Recube.png
Water Current
Icon current.png
20 Recube.png