Cubic Realms

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Cubic Town Center

Cubic Realms are official Realms which can be found in the Eden Overworld or via a Lobby.

They were created by the developers to provide an easy start for all the new players, support them throughout the way, and show what consequences are in stock if they choose to break the rules. The way to see if a realm is official is whether it has a Bedrock block in it.

As of now, there are three of them present:

Cubic Town Center


Cubic Town Center is the heart of the game. The realm itself contains the Raffle Box, Doorways to Quest realms, the realm showcase, and much more. It's also a perfect spot to hang out with friends or just to explore the town secret meeting spots!
Cubic Learning Center


Here you can find every in-game Crafting recipe and see what the Blocks look like. You may also learn more about the game! Raffle Box is also included!
Cubic Jail


This place is where bad and naughty people go. When Game Staff warned players, banned ones used to be sent here. As it got out of usage, it now stands as a quest realm, while banned players lose their access to the game's server.


  • Even though the quest is pretty simple, there is a completely optional story hidden inside Cubic Jail for players willing to explore the entire realm.
  • Besides the mannequins related to the story, there are a few mannequins named after some players in the game. These players are the winners of the 2015 Cubic Jail Dungeon Contest.