Cloudy Potion

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Cloudy Potion

Cloudy Potion.png

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Cubit Store

Cloudy Potion is a Crafting Ingredient in Cubic Castles. It is widely used to make Fadey Foam (Red, Blue, Green) and Phantom Foam. Although some people also use it to craft Magical Potion, a vital material to craft Wands

How to obtain

Cloudy Potion can be obtained from crafting. But you can also buy them in the Foam Kit in Cubit Store (Each kit contains 100 Cloudy Potions)

Anvil.png OR Workbench.png Spicy Potion.png + Fiery Potion.png + Sunny Potion.png = Cloudy Potion.png
Anvil Workbench 1 1 1 1

Item preview