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|style="text-align: center; height: 65px"|[[File:Firework_Backpack.png|65px|link=Firework Backpack]]
|style="text-align: center; height: 65px"|[[File:Firework_Backpack.png|65px|link=Firework Backpack]]
|[[Firework Backpack]]
|[[Firework Backpack]]
|style="color: Red;|'''N/A'''
|style="color: grey;|'''N/A'''
|[[New Year Pack|Events]]
|[[New Year Pack|Events]]

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Outfit Window

Clothing consists of various vanity items that change the way our character looks.

As of now, there are 9 usable item slots in the outfit window.

Most of them can be bought from the Cubit Store and they all have their rarity.

Reminder: Event clothes do not have rarities. They will be displayed as N/A

Backpacks  (Back)

Item name:
Camo Backpack.png Camo Backpack N/A Events Back
Brownbackpack.png Leather Backpack Common Events Back
Bluebackpack.png Blue Backpack N/A Events Back
Stuff Toy BackPack.png Stuff Toy BackPack N/A Events Back
MouseBack.png Mouse Backpack N/A Events Back
Garden BackPack.png Garden BackPack N/A Events Back
Turtle BackPack.png Turtle BackPack N/A Events Back
Firework Backpack.png Firework Backpack N/A Events Back
Moonar.png Moonar Backpack Common Events Back
O2tank.png Sci-fi O2 Tank Common Events Back
Jester.png Jester's Backpack N/A Events Back
GiftPack 1.png Giftpack 1 N/A Events Back
GiftPack 2.png Giftpack 2 N/A Events Back
Santa Pack.png Santa Pack N/A Events Back
Pumpkin Pack.png Pumpkin Pack N/A Events Back
Portable Generator Pack.png Portable Generator Pack Common Events Back
Heart BackPack.png Heart Backpack N/A Events Back

Shirts  (Chest)

Item name:
WhiteShirt.png White Shirt Common Crafting
BlackShirt.png Black Shirt Common Crafting
PurpleShirt.png Purple Shirt Common Crafting
PinkShirt.png Pink Shirt Common Crafting
GreenShirt.png Green Shirt Common Crafting
OrangeShirt.png Orange Shirt Common Crafting
YellowShirt.png Yellow Shirt Common Crafting
BlueShirt.png Blue Shirt Common Crafting
RedShirt.png Red Shirt Common Crafting
GreyShirt.png Grey Shirt Common Crafting
Chef'sCoat.png Chef's Coat Common Clothing Pack
SantaShirt.png Santa Shirt Common Events
UglyChristmasSweater.png Ugly Christmas Sweater Common Events
ChristmasSweater.png Christmas Sweater Common Events
WuvvaShirt1.png Wuvva Shirt Common Events
WuvvaShirt2.png Wuvva Shirt Common Events
WuvvaShirt3.png Wuvva Shirt Common Events
SuitJacket.png Suit Jacket Rare Clothing Pack
MotleyShirt.png Motley Shirt Wonderous Events
CamoShirt.png Camo Shirt Common Clothing Pack
MummyShirt.png Mummy Shirt Common Events
Pilgrim'sCoat.png Pilgrim's Coat Common Events
Farmeralls.png Farmer's Overalls Common Cubit Store
HalfHeart Left.png Half Heart Left Common Events
HalfHeart Right.png Half Heart Right Common Events
Zombie Shirt.png Zombie Shirt Common Events
Festival Shirt.png Festival Shirt Common Events
Gingerbread Shirt.png Gingerbread Shirt Common Events
Elf Shirt.png Elf Shirt Common Events
Moonar Jacket.png Moonar Jacket Common Events
Teddy Bear Shirt.png Teddy Bear Shirt Common Events Chest
Green Princess Top.png Green Princess Top Common Events Chest
Yellow Princess Top.png Yellow Princess Top Common Events Chest
Ice shirt.png Ice Shirt Common Events Chest

Pants  (Legs)

Item name:
WhitePants.png White Pants Common Crafting
BlackPants.png Black Pants Common Crafting
PurplePants.png Purple Pants Common Crafting
PinkPants.png Pink Pants Common Crafting
GreenPants.png Green Pants Common Crafting
OrangePants.png Orange Pants Common Crafting
YellowPants.png Yellow Pants Common Crafting
BluePants.png Blue Pants Common Crafting
RedPants.png Red Pants Common Crafting
GreyPants.png Grey Pants Common Crafting
BunnyPJs.png Bunny Pyjamas Very Rare Events
SantaPants.png Santa Pants Common Events

Motley P.png

Motley Pants Wonderous Events


Camo Pants Rare Clothing Pack


Mummy Pants Common Events
Farmerjeans.png Farmer's Jeans Common Cubit Store

Pilgrim Pants.png

Pilgrim Pants Rare Events

Fishing Pants.png

Fishing Pants Common Events

Zombie Pants.png

Zombie Pants Common Events

Festival Pants.png

Festival Pants Common Events

Gingerbread Pants.png

Gingerbread Pants Common Events

Elf Pants.png

Elf Pants Rare Events

Moonar Pants.png

Moonar Pants Common Events

Teddy Bear Pants.png

Teddy Bear Pants Common Events
Ice Pants.png Ice Pants Common Events

Tutus  (Waist)

Item name:
WhiteTutu.png White Tutu Common Clothing Pack
BlackTutu.png Black Tutu Common Clothing Pack
PurpleTutu.png Purple Tutu Common Clothing Pack
PinkTutu.png Pink Tutu Common Clothing Pack
GreenTutu.png Green Tutu Common Clothing Pack
OrangeTutu.png Orange Tutu Common Clothing Pack
YellowTutu.png Yellow Tutu Common Clothing Pack
BlueTutu.png Blue Tutu Common Clothing Pack
RedTutu.png Red Tutu Common Clothing Pack
GreyTutu.png Grey Tutu Common Clothing Pack

Skirts  (Waist)

Item name:
WhiteFlowerSkirt.png White Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
BlackFlowerSkirt.png Black Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
PurpleFlowerSkirt.png Purple Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
PinkFlowerSkirt.png Pink Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
GreenFlowerSkirt.png Green Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
OrangeFlowerSkirt.png Orange Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
YellowFlowerSkirt.png Yellow Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
BlueFlowerSkirt.png Blue Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
RedFlowerSkirt.png Red Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
GreyFlowerSkirt.png Grey Flower Skirt Uncommon Clothing Pack
MrsClausSkirt.png Mrs. Claus Skirt Common Events
Pilgrim Skirt.png Pilgrim Skirt Common Events
Green Princess Dress.png Green Princess Dress Common Events
Yellow Princess Dress.png Yellow Princess Dress Common Events

Cowls  (Head)

Item name:
WhiteCowl.png White Cowl Common Clothing Pack
BlackCowl.png Black Cowl Common Clothing Pack
PurpleCowl.png Purple Cowl Common Clothing Pack
PinkCowl.png Pink Cowl Common Clothing Pack
GreenCowl.png Green Cowl Common Clothing Pack
OrangeCowl.png Orange Cowl Common Clothing Pack
YellowCowl.png Yellow Cowl Common Clothing Pack
BlueCowl.png Blue Cowl Common Clothing Pack
RedCowl.png Red Cowl Common Clothing Pack
GreyCowl.png Grey Cowl Common Clothing Pack

Robes  (Back)

Item name:
WhiteRobe.png White Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
BlackRobe.png Black Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
PurpleRobe.png Purple Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
PinkRobe.png Pink Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
GreenRobe.png Green Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
OrangeRobe.png Orange Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
YellowRobe.png Yellow Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
BlueRobe.png Blue Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
RedRobe.png Red Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
GreyRobe.png Grey Robe Uncommon Clothing Pack
InvisibilityCloak.png Invisibility Cloak Very Rare Clothing Pack

Hats  (Head)

Item name:
Antennae.png Antennae Rare Accessory Pack
AviatorHat.png Aviator Hat Uncommon Hat Pack
Beany.png Beany Common Hat Pack
BlackWizard'sHat.png Black Wizard's Hat Uncommon Hat Pack
BlueBaseballCap.png Blue Baseball Cap Common Hat Pack
Blue Floral Crown.png Blue Floral Crown Common Events
BlueHairBow.png Blue Hair Bow Common Accessory Pack
Blue Party Hat.png Blue Party Hat Common Events
BraveHat.png Brave Hat Common Hat Pack
Bucket Head.png Bucket Head Very Rare Hat Pack
BunnyTopHat.png Bunny Top Hat Very Rare Events
Cheese Head.png Cheese Head Very Rare Hat Pack
Chef'sHat.png Chef's Hat Uncommon Hat Pack
ChiefHat.png Chief Hat Uncommon Hat Pack
CowboyHat.png Cowboy Hat Common Hat Pack
Crown.png Crown Common Hat Pack
Cupid'sHalo.png Cupid's Halo Wonderous Events
DivingHelm.png Diving Helm Very Rare Hat Pack
Doc'sMirror.png Doc's Mirror Quest/Event Events
DunceCap.png Dunce Cap Common Hat Pack
Earmuffs.png Earmuffs Common Events
EasterBonnet.png Easter Bonnet Uncommon Events
EasterHat.png Easter Hat Common Events
EasterTopHat.png Easter Top Hat Common Events
ElfHat.png Elf Hat Common Events
EpicGreekOrthodoxEasterCrown.png Epic Greek Orthodox Easter Crown Quest/Event Events
Farmerhat.png Farmer's Hat Common Cubit Store
Fascinator.png Fascinator Uncommon Hat Pack
FeatherHat.png Feather Hat Uncommon Hat Pack
Fez.png Fez Very Rare Hat Pack
FiremansHat.png Fireman's Hat Common Hat Pack
FlamencoHat.png Flamenco Hat Common Hat Pack
FurHat.png Fur Hat Uncommon Hat Pack
Green Floral Crown.png Green Floral Crown Common Events
HardHat.png Hard Hat Common Hat Pack
Headphones.png Headphones Rare Hat Pack
HeadVamp.png Head Vamp Common Events
HighHat.png High Hat Very Rare Hat Pack
HuntingCap.png Hunting Cap Common Events
Jester'sHat.png Jester's Hat Very Rare Events
KnightsHelm.png Knight's Helm Rare Hat Pack
LeastFool'sCap.png Least Fool's Cap Common Events
LesserFool'sCap.png Lesser Fool's Cap Common Events
Miner'sHelmet.png Miner's Helmet Common Hat Pack
MilitaryBeret.png Military Beret Rare Hat Pack
MilitaryHelmet.png Military Helmet Rare Hat Pack
MistletoeLure.png Mistletoe Lure Common Events
Mortarboard.png Mortarboard Rare Hat Pack
Nurse'sHat.png Nurse's Hat Quest/Event Events
Pharoah'sCrown.png Pharoah's Crown Quest/Event Quest
PilgrimHat.png Pilgrim Hat Common Events
Pilgrim Bonnet.png Pilgrim Bonnet Common Events
Pink Floral Crown.png Pink Floral Crown Common Events
PoliceCap.png Police Cap Rare Hat Pack
PressHat.png Press Hat Very Rare Hat Pack
PrincessCap.png Princess Cap Common Hat Pack
PsychicRepulsionCap.png Psychic Repulsion Cap Common Events
PsychicRevelationCap.png Psychic Revalation Cap Common Events
Purple Floral Crown.png Purple Floral Crown Common Events
Purple Party Hat.png Purple Party Hat Common Events
RedBaseballCap.png Red Baseball Cap Common Hat Pack
RedHairBow.png Red Hair Bow Common Accessory Pack
RedWizard'sHat.png Red Wizard's Hat Uncommon Hat Pack
RedwoodForestCap.png Redwood Forest Cap Quest/Event Quest
RiceHat.png Rice Hat Uncommon Hat Pack
RobinHoodHat.png Robin Hood Hat Uncommon Hat Pack
RomanHelmet.png Roman Helmet Very Rare Hat Pack
SafariHat.png Safari Hat Rare Hat Pack
SantaHat.png Santa Hat Common Events
SherlockCap.png Sherlock Cap Uncommon Hat Pack
ShiekHat.png Shiek Hat Rare Hat Pack
Sombrero.png Sombrero Uncommon Hat Pack
StuntHelm.png Stunt Helm Rare Hat Pack
SunCrown.png Sun Crown Common Quest
SunHat.png Sun Hat Common Hat Pack
SwabbieHat.png Swabbie Hat Common Hat Pack
Top Hat.png Top Hat Common Hat Pack
Traffic Cone Hat.png Traffic Cone Hat Common Track Pack
TricornHat.png Tricorn Hat Very Rare Hat Pack
Turban.png Turban Rare Hat Pack
ValkyrieHelm.png Valkyrie Helm Uncommon Hat Pack
VikingHelm.png Viking Helm Common Hat Pack
WitchHat.png Witch's Hat Common Events
WizardHat.png Wizard Hat Common Hat Pack
Yellow Floral Crown.png Yellow Floral Crown Common Events
Yellow Party Hat.png Yellow Party Hat Common Events
Christmas Hat.png Christmas Hat Common Events
MrsClaus Hat.png Mrs. Claus Hat Common Events
Short Party Hat.png Short Party Hat Common Events
Tall Party Hat.png Tall Party Hat Common Events
AppleOLove.png Apple O' Love Common Events
Heart Beads.png Heart Beads Common Events
Heart Hat.png Heart Hat Common Events
Ladybug Helmet.png Ladybug Helmet Common Events
Carrot Hat.png Carrot Hat Common Events
Duck Hat.png Duck Hat Common Events
Purple Easter Hat.png Purple Easter Hat Common Events
Egg Cap.png Egg Cap Common Events
Lonely Branch.png Lonely Branch Common Events
White Boater Hat.png White Boater Hat Common Events
Egg Hat.png Egg Hat Common Events
Chick Hat.png Chick Hat Common Crafting
Chicken Hat.png Chicken Hat Common Crafting
I Am A Flower.png I am a Flower! Common Events
FurryPostalDeliveryHat.png Furry Postal Delivery Hat Common Discontinued
Red Football Helmet.png Red Football Helmet Common Events
Blue Football Helmet.png Blue Football Helmet Common Events
Fishing Hat.png Fishing Hat Common Events
Ranger Hat.png Ranger Hat Common Events & Contests
Modern Helm.png Modern Astronaut Helmet Common Events
Moonar Helm.png Moonar Helmet Common Events
SF Helm.png Sci-Fi Astronaut Helmet Common Events
CC Head.png Cosmic Cow Head Rare Events

Masks  (Head)

Item name:
BlueShamanMask.png Blue Shaman Mask Rare Hat Pack
CheapKnockoffKrimpusMask.png Cheap Knockoff "Krimpus" Mask Common Events
Dino Head.png Dino Head Very Rare Events
Frankie Head.png Frankie Head Common Events
GasMask.png Gas Mask Very Rare Hat Pack
GargoyleMask.png Gargoyle Mask Common Dungeon Pack
GingerbreadHead.png Gingerbread Head Common Events
Headless.png Headless Very Rare Events
IronMask.png Iron Mask Common Dungeon Pack
KrampusMask.png Krampus Mask Wonderous Events
Monster Head.png Monster Head Very Rare Events
MummyMask.png Mummy Mask Common Events
Paper Bag.png Paper Bag Rare Hat Pack
Pumpkin Head.png Pumpkin Head Common Events
RedShamanMask.png Red Shaman Mask Rare Hat Pack
Robot Head.png Robot Head Common Events
Skull Head.png Skull Head Common Events
SubVamp.png Sub Vamp Common Events
WeldersMask.png Welder's Mask Rare Hat Pack
Zombie Head.png Zombie Head Common Events
Twobee Head.png Twobee Head Common Events
Toothbee Head.png Toothbee Head Common Events
Cyclobee Head.png Cyclobee Head Common Events
Beakbee Head.png Beakbee Head Common Events
Werewolf Head.png Werewolf Head Common Events
Turkey Head.png Turkey Head Rare Events
Clown Mask.png Clown Mask Common Events Misc

Wigs  (Head)

Item name:
BlackAwig.png Black Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Blackdw.png Black Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Black.png Black Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Blackm.png Black Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
BlondeAwig.png Blonde Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Bldw.png Blonde Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Blond.png Blonde Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Blm.png Blonde Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
BlueAwig.png Blue Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Bdw.png Blue Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Blueg.png Blue Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Bm.png Blue Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
BrownAwig.png Brown Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Brdw.png Brown Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Brown.png Brown Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Brm.png Brown Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
Cat lady.png Cat Lady Wig Quest/Event Crazy Cat Lady Pack
FrakenbrideWig.png Frakenbride Wig Common Events
GreenAwig.png Green Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Gdw.png Green Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Green.png Green Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Gm.png Green Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
OrangeAwig.png Orange Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Odw.png Orange Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Orange.png Orange Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Om.png Orange Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
PinkAwig.png Pink Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Pinkdw.png Pink Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Pink.png Pink Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Pinkm.png Pink Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
PowderedAwig.png Powdered Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Podw.png Powdered Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Pow.png Powdered Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Pm.png Powdered Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
PurpleAwig.png Purple Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Pudw.png Purple Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Purple.png Purple Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Pum.png Purple Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
RedAwig.png Red Aristocrat Wig Rare Hat Pack
Rdw.png Red Ducal Wig Rare Hat Pack
Red.png Red Grande Dame Wig Rare Hat Pack
Rm.png Red Magisterial Wig Very Rare Hat Pack
Princess Hair.png Princess Hair Very Rare Hat Pack

Eyewear  (Misc)

Item name:
Bandit Mask.png Bandit Mask Common Accessories pack
Beaglepuss1.png Beaglepuss Common Events
Cat's eye Glasses.png Cat's eye Glasses Common Accessory Pack
Coke-Bottle Glasses.png Coke-Bottle Glasses Rare Accessory Pack
Eye Patch.png Eye Patch Rare Accessory Pack
Heart Glasses.png Heart Glasses Common Accessory Pack & Events
Monacle.png Monacle Rare Accessory Pack
Nerd Glasses.png Nerd Glasses Common Accessory Pack
Round Sunglasses.png Round Sunglasses Common Accessory Pack
Star Glasses.png Star Glasses Rare Accessory Pack

Tails  (Tail)

Item name:
Bunny Tail.png Bunny Tail Common Critter Pack
CatTail.png Cat Tail Common Critter Pack
DogTail.png Dog Tail Common Critter Pack
FoxTail.png Fox Tail Common Critter Pack
ImpTail.png Imp Tail Common Critter Pack
RaccoonTail.png Raccoon Tail Common Critter Pack
TurkeyTail.png Turkey Tail Common Events

Wings  (Back)

Item name:
IMG 112.png Bat Wings Common Wing Pack
IMG 111.png Butterfly Wings Common Wing Pack
IMG 114.png Imp Wings Uncommon Wing Pack
IMG 109.png Dragonfly Wings Common Wing Pack
IMG 110.png Fairy Wings Uncommon Wing Pack
IMG 113.png Angel Wings Very Rare Wing Pack
IMG 143.png Dark Angel Wings Very Rare Wing Pack
CupidWings.png Cupid's Wings Very Rare Events
Heart Wings.png Heart Wings Common Events
Valentine Wings.png Valentine Wings Rare Events
Ladybug Wings.png Ladybug Wings Common Events

Handheld  (Hand)

Item name:
Green Flower Wand.png Green Flower Wand Common Events
Orange Flower Wand.png Orange Flower Wand Common Events
Wizard's Wand.png Wizard's Wand Common Events
Witch's Broom.png Witch's Broom Common Events
Pitch Fork.png Pitchfork Common Events
Nature's Staff.png Nature's Staff Common Events
Scetch..png Scythe Common Events
Love Wand.png Love Wand Common Events
New Easter Umbrella.png New Easter Umbrella Common Events
EasterUmbrella.png Easter Umbrella Common Events
FizzledWand.png Fizzled Wand Common Worn-Out Wand
HarmWand.png Harm Wand Common Wands & Crafting
HealWand.png Heal Wand Common Wands
KnockBackWand.png Knock Back Wand Common Wands & Crafting
Love Balloon.png Love Balloon Rare Events
Necromancing Wand.png Necromancing Wand Common Wands
RedBalloon.png Red Balloon Quest/Event Events
ShrinkWand.png Shrink Wand Common Wands
Black Umbrella.png Black Umbrella Rare Events
Spiderbrella.png Spiderbrella Common Events
Pumpkin Balloon.png Pumpkin Balloon Common Events
Carry Cane.png Carry Cane Common Events
Take This Flower.png Take This Flower Common Events
Wuv Umbrella.png Wuvva Umbrella Common Events
Jester Cane.png Jester cane Common Events
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod Common Events
Grilling Tongs.png Grilling Tongs Common Events
Scanner.png Scanner Common Events

Critter Headgear  (Head)

Item name:
Antlers.png Antlers Common Events
BearEars.png Bear Ears Common Critter Suit
Blue Bunny Ears.png Blue Bunny Ears Rare Events
BunnyEars.png Bunny Ears Common Critter Suit
DogEars.png Dog Ears Common Critter Suit
FoxEars.png Fox Ears Common Critter Suit
Green Bunny Ears.png Green Bunny Ears Common Events
ImpHorns.png Imp Horns Common Critter Suit
KittenEars.png Kitten Ears Common Critter Suit
Pink Bunny Ears.png Pink Bunny Ears Common Events
Purple Bunny Ears.png Purple Bunny Ears Common Events
RacoonEars.png Raccoon Ears Common Critter Suit
RamHorns.png Ram Horns Common Critter Suit
UnicornHorn.png Unicorn Horn Common Critter Suit
Yellow Bunny Ears.png Yellow Bunny Ears Common Events

Costumes  (Head)

Item name:
GhostCostume.png Ghost Costume Very Rare Events
MrChristmasCostume.png Mr. Christmas Costume Very Rare Events
SlymeCostume.png Slyme Costume Very Rare Events
Snowman Costume.png Snowman Costume Common Events

Scarves  (Back)

Item name:
Blue & White Scarf.png Blue & White Scarf Common Events
ChristmasScarf.png Christmas Scarf Common Events
Orange & Yellow Scarf.png Orange & Yellow Scarf Common Events
PurpleScarf.png Purple Scarf Common Events
Red & Green Scarf.png Red & Green Scarf Common Events
StarryScarf.png Starry Scarf Common Events
Wuv Scarf.png Wuvva Scarf Common Events

Summer Clothing

Item name:
Outfit slot:
Red tankini.png Red Tankini Common Events Chest
Blue tankini.png Blue Tankini Common Events Chest
Yellow tankini.png Yellow Tankini Common Events Chest
Red bikinibot.png Red Bikini Bottom Common Events Legs
Blue bikinibot.png Blue Bikini Bottom Common Events Legs
Yellow bikinibot.png Yellow Bikini Bottom Common Events Legs
Pink bikinibot.png Pink Bikini Bottom Common Events Legs
Black bikinibot.png Black Bikini Bottom Common Events Legs
Pink bikinitop.png Pink Bikini Top Common Events Chest
Black bikinitop.png Black Bikini Top Common Events Chest
Hairychest.png Hairy Beach Chest Common Events Chest
Hairylegs.png Hairy Beach Legs Common Events Legs
Black hawaii.png Black Hawaiian Shirt Common Events Chest
Blue hawaii.png Blue Hawaiian Shirt Common Events Chest
Uvshades.png UV Shades Common Events Misc
Scubamask.png Scuba Mask Common Events Misc
Fishing Vest.png Fishing Vest Common Events Chest


Item name:
Outfit slot:
Executioner's Hood.png Executioner's Hood Rare Dungeon Pack Misc
Santa Beard.png Santa Beard Common Events X
Shiny Nose.png Shiny Nose Common Events Misc
Turkey Beak.png Turkey Beak Common Events Misc
Carrot Nose.png Carrot Nose Common Events Misc