Chick Coop

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Chick Coop

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Item type:


Available in:

Easter Pack

Chick Coop is a unique block that summons a Chick Pet once placed.
The Chick Coop has a small icon of a Chick and is surrounded with a green colored roof.

How to obtain

  • Chick Coop is currently unavailable.
  • Previously available within the 2016 Easter Pack.


  • Placing the Chick Coop can make you name your Chick pet.
  • By clicking on 'Here Boy!' icon, you can take out your Chick pet.
  • There is no level limit for taking your Chick pet.
  • Pets can be feed with Pet Sausage and by Breaking and Building blocks, your pet gains XP.
  • When the pet is hungry, no XP would be gained.
  • The max level of all pets are level 50.
  • When Chick pet reaches level 50, it becomes a golden.
  • By breaking the kennel, Chick pet will disappear.
  • Breaking the Kennel while your Pet is not in, may make your pet turn back to Level 1 again.