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Chat Box
Speech Bubble

Chat is Cubic Castle's main community aspect allowing communication in between players. It comes in two forms; the chatbox on the top of the screen, and speech-bubbles over the Qbees. As someone starts typing, they also have three dots over their heads (...), how cool is that! You can easily tell if your friend is writing

Normal Chat

Everyone has it, everyone can use it, you hit the chat button and write anything you want! As long as it's sensible of course. Normal chat is only visible in the place you're in.

Usage: Example: Result:
Click the chat icon or hit enter, write your message, and send.


Whispers allow you to speak to a selected Qbee privately. They're perfect for passing over sentry passwords, telling secrets, and organising events in a crowd. Your whispers can be tracked for the safety of others.

Usage: Example: Result:
Write "whisper" at the beginning, and your message after a space. Then select the person you want to whisper to.
whisper Psst, I got your nose!


Hollas are server-wide messages, they send to everyone online! A pack of 4 costs 2000 Cubit.png in the Cubit Store

Usage Example: Result:
Write "holla" at the beginning, and your message after a space.
holla Hi everyone!


Hollawarps are the second type of hollas that allow people to teleport to you, and they also send to everyone online! If you purchase hollas, you can use both hollas and hollawarps. Use both wisely!

Usage Example: Result:
Write "hollawarp" at the beginning, and your message after a space.
hollawarp Hi everyone!

Staff Messages

Staff messages are used by the Game Staff for important notices and warnings.

Blue Messages: Server Broadcasts:
Blue messages can be seen only in the place they're in. If a member of staff has used it, it means they wrote something important and want players to notice it. Broadcasts are server-wide staff messages that everyone online can see. If it was sent, it's most likely a very important message that needs to be read.
Blue.png Broadcast.png

System Messages

Automated messages sent by the server. Whenever you log-in, you get one of them! It's the message of the day.There's many other types, but all can be distinguished by the SYSTEM: tag on their left. Staff Messages carry the same tag, however the two kinds listed above are sent manually by a person.


You can buy shouts in the Cubit Store within the Recube section, 500 recubes for 5 shouts. They make your written text appear in a bright color. Only people with realm-permission are able to use them.

Shouts: Example
Using shouts in your realm for an important message you want to have sent out, the message will be in a purple coloured font so everyone in the realm can see what you wrote. shout one robo mask left!

Schermopname (375).png


As of now, there are only 5 commands for normal players. One is used to check the time, one is used for quick trades and another for checking the realm/room owner. There are other commands, that can only be used by moderators and/or administrators.

Usage: Example: Result:
Writing "/time" into the chat box.
Usage: Example: Result:
Writing "/trade" into the chat box. A window will then appear, listing all the names of the players in the realm. Select the player you'd like to trade with. This command does not work in the Overworld and cannot be used to receive/pay in cubits.
Usage: Example: Result:
Type "/owner" into the chat box. The owner of the realm/room's name will be displayed in the chat.
Usage: Example: Result:
Type "/Perks" in the chat box. Your perks that you own will be displayed.
Usage: Example: Result:
Write "/Ignore" in the chat box. A window appears with all the names of the players in the realm/room. Select the player you want to ignore.

Write "/unignore" then A window appears with all the names of the players that you have ignored click on the player name and he's unignored.

/Ignore /Unignore