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Entrance of a Cavern Mine

Cavern Mines can be found via Mountain Mines. You should explore the Mountain Mine a lot to find the entrance of Cavern Mine. Entrance portal is shown in picture. It has some exclusive blocks and resources that one can't mine anywhere else.

Blocks and Resources

Item name:
Item name:
Item name:
Cave Wall.png Cave Wall Cave Lava Cracks.png Cave Lava Cracks Stone Lava Cracks.png Stone Lava Cracks
Cave Floor.png Deep Cave Wall Water.png Water Oil.png Oil
Stalagmite.png Stalagmite Stalagmite Bunch.png Stalagmite Bunch Mega Stalagmite.png Mega Stalagmite
Glow Shroom.png Glow Shroom Purple Crystal.png Purple Crystal Jagged Rocks.png Jagged Rocks
Emerald.png Emerald Diamond.png Diamond Ruby.png Ruby

Newbies Tips

  • You will need light sources (Torch or Candle) to see where you are.
  • In some really rare cases, you may find water / oil.
  • Purple Crystals and Glow Shrooms are light sources.


Cavern Mine.PNG