Cash Register

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Cash Register


Item type:


Available in:


Cubit Store

A Cash Register is one of the most important items in the game. Its whole purpose is to allow safe trading in between players.

It works like this:

  1. Owner places the register
  2. Any player can come up to the register and click its "Trade" popup.
  3. Both the owner and the player are then prompted to a trade window where they can put their Items and Cubits to exchange with.
  4. After everything is placed inside, both users will then need to approve the trade.
  5. For safety purposes, both players are prompted to another confirmation screen that lists what items they'll be receiving.
  6. If everything seems right, both sides can accept the trade once again and receive their goods.

How to obtain

  • Crafted using the following recipe:

Screwdriver.png Workbench.png WhiteDye.png + Gizmo.png + StainlessSteelPlate.png + Spring.png = CashRegister.png
Screwdriver Workbench 1 4 2 6 1


Item preview