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BunnyZilla in overworld


BunnyZilla is a big mysterious qbee wearing a bunny set that can be seen during Easter Event's in Cubic Castles. Once he is found in a Public Mine, he may explode, giving out various items.

Items BunnyZilla dropped in 2015  

Item name:
Whitetop.png Easter Top Hat
Bonnutxd.png Easter Bonnet
Bunnytophat.png Bunny Top Hat
Easter.png Easter Hat
Popecrownxd.png Epic Greek Orthodox Easter Crown
Boogah.png Booger

Items BunnyZilla dropped in 2016  

Item name:
Tokun.png Raffle Token

Items BunnyZilla dropped in 2017

Item name:
Bunny Top Hat.png Bunny Top Hat

Items BunnyZilla dropped in 2018

Item name:
Bunny Top Hat.png Bunny Top Hat
Epic Greek Orthodox Easter Crown.png Epic Greek Orthodox Easter Crown
Easter Egg.png Easter Eggs
Green Rainbow.png Rainbow Blocks
Green Pastel Stripes.png Pastel Stripes Blocks
Spring Grass.png Spring Grass
Easter Basket.png Easter Basket

Items Bunnyzilla dropped in 2019

Item name:
File:Easter Pow Gifts.png Easter Pow Gifts
Bunny Pyjamas.png Bunny Pyjamas
Easter Egg.png Easter Eggs
Wall Plant.png Wall Plant
Frog Head.png Frog Head
Bunny Ears.png Bunny Ears


  • In 2015, BunnyZilla was summoned by collecting eggs. Around 100.000 Eggs were needed to summon BunnyZilla.
  • In 2016, BunnyZilla only dropped Raffle Tokens, which were later used in the first ever Raffle.
  • Once collected, eggs can not be kept in inventory. However,an "Egg collected" icon will appear above your head.That icon indicates how many eggs you have collected.
  • There is a second BunnyZilla, known as the Greek Orthodox Bunnyzilla, that can be seen only during The Orthodox Easter. He may drop Items as well.
  • In 2018, eggs could finally be kept in inventory. We could craft other easter eggs with them, in order to craft the Easter Pow Gift.
  • It is known that there are several seasonal variants of Bunnyzilla, such as The Great Pumpkin and Mummyzilla for Halloween.