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BunnyZilla in overworld


BunnyZilla is a big mysterious qbee wearing a bunny set that can be seen during Easter Event's in Cubic Castles. Once he is found in a Public Mine, he may explode, giving out various items.

Items BunnyZilla dropped in 2015  

Item name:
Whitetop.png Easter Top Hat
Bonnutxd.png Easter Bonnet
Bunnytophat.png Bunny Top Hat
Easter.png Easter Hat
Popecrownxd.png Epic Greek Orthodox Easter Crown
Boogah.png Booger

Items BunnyZilla dropped in 2016  

Item name:
Tokun.png Raffle Token


  • In 2015, BunnyZilla was summoned by collecting eggs. Around 100.000 Eggs were needed to summon BunnyZilla.
  • In 2016, BunnyZilla only dropped Raffle Tokens, which were later used in the first ever Raffle.
  • Once collected, eggs can not be kept in inventory. However,an "Egg collected" icon will appear above your head.That icon indicates how many eggs you have collected.
  • There is a second BunnyZilla, known as the Greek Orthodox Bunnyzilla, that can be seen only during The Orthodox Easter. He may drop Items as well.
  • It is known that there are several seasonal variants of Bunnyzilla, such as The Great Pumpkin and Mummyzilla for Halloween.