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BJDware is a player whom had dedicated his spare time to help moderate Cubic Castles. For his own personal reasons, he decided to retire from his roles.

About BJDware

BJDware, or Ware for short, Hails from Australia, where he enjoys to work, play video games, watch Anime and spending time with his Wife and family. He loves Cubic Castles and spends most of his time helping out at the forums and ingame. When he isn't working as a moderator, he enjoys working on this Wiki, building, socializing, AFKing, Collecting feather hats, collecting Cave art, playing Cubic castles & other games, and other various things.

Joined Cubic Castles: 3rd of August 2014
Roles: Player, Retired Game Moderator, Retired Forum Moderator.

Joined the ingame moderator team: 29th of December 2014.
Left the ingame moderator team: 2nd of October 2016.

Joined the Forum moderator team: September 2014.
Left the Forum moderator team: 2nd of October 2016.

Location: Australia.
Languages known: English.
Age: Over 30.
Gender: Male.

Realms: BJDware's Lair.
Clan: Super Amicorum.

Links: Cubic Castle Forum Profile