Ultimate Candy

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Ultimate Candy

Ultimate Candy.png

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The Ultimate Candy is an edible item which can be crafted with different candies. These candies were findable during the 2018 Halloween Trick Or Treat event.

How to obtain


Stove.png ChocolateCaramel.png = MeltedChocolate.png
Stove Chocolate Caramel Melted Chocolate

Stove.png Jawsifier.png = CandySyrup.png
Stove Jawsifier Candy Syrup

Extractor.png HardPeppermint.png = PeppermintDust.png
Extractor Hard Peppermint Peppermint Dust

Extractor.png CoconutCruncher.png = CoconutShavings.png
Extractor Coconut Cruncher Coconut Shavings

Stove.png OrangeDelight.png + TurkishTreat.png = GooeyDelight.png
Stove Orange Delight Turkish Treat Gooey Delight

Stove.png MeltedChocolate.png + PeppermintDust.png = MintChocolate.png
Stove Melted Chocolate Peppermint Dust Mint Chocolate

Stove.png CandySyrup.png + CoconutShavings.png = CocoCandy.png
Stove Candy Syrup Coconut Shavings Coco Candy

Stove.png GooeyDelight.png + MintChocolate.png + CocoCandy.png = Ultimate Candy.png
Stove Gooey Delight Mint Chocolate Coco Candy Ultimate Candy


  • When eaten, the ultimate drops an exclusive Halloween Item, unfindable in Packs.
  • Eating 1 Ultimate Candy will drop 1 item.

Item name:
ZombieShirt.png Zombie Shirt Common
ZombiePants.png Zombie Pants Common
BlackPlague.png Black Plague Doctor Common
GreyPlague.png Grey Plague Doctor Uncommon
AlienMask.png Alien Mask Uncommon
DarkVisitor.png Dark Visitor Uncommon