Super Pow Xmas Gift

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Super Pow Xmas Gift

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The Super Pow Xmas Gift is an Event item that explodes soon after being placed, gifting Yuletide items to other players.

How to obtain


  • Soon after placed, it counts down from three before exploding.
  • The player who places it, cannot pick up the gifts. "You can't give presents to yourself!" appears above the players head if attempted.
  • Gifts gained are random 2015 Yuletide items on an average of 7 different items per exploded gift.
  • Once placed, a Ribbon is spawned upon the Super Pow Xmas Gift.

Items from the Super Pow Xmas Gift

Once the Super Pow Xmas Gift explodes, 2015 Yuletide items are dispersed. One Vanity item, Ten Firecracker's, Five Bottle Rocket's and several other miscellaneous items.
Miscellaneous items may include:

Item preview

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