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Cubic castles is a fun popular game, but we do witness some scams. Let alone out Game Staff helping us they can't fix EVERY problem we have so this is why we have made this page, to make sure others are aware of the risks these scammers take and to help you stop these scammers as well as being careful yourself.

How to report scams

If you want to report someone, private message one of out Game Staff, they WILL TRY THEIR HARDEST TO HELP and may not be able to fix every problem. Eg. If someone like Gdog or Siddd try to help you out with a situation and you don't agree don't kick up a fuss there is no need because they know what there doing, unless you don't want the problem fixed.. They won't do anything major like have to go onto your account and take all your items but they might do things you don't agree with and you will still need to respect them

Trading Safely

In game trading system is probably the safest it can be, but we still get lots of people trading with pets level 0 - 49 (we did get this with bunny pjs as well but that has been fixed) If you are trading/selling a level 49 pet make sure you don't switch it for a level 0 or if you are trading/buying a level 49 pet please be careful always watch the 3 dots at the bottom of the trade. They have made it easier to know if someone has changed an items but still be careful. As you probably know cash registers have not been in the game the whole time, but piggy have been around for a while. Some scammers will sell and item to you and try to scam your cubits, how you may ask? Here is a script:

You: Hey can I buy this slyme costume Scammer: Sure, just put 50k in piggy bank You: Ok puts cubits in piggy Scammer: mines piggy and leaves realm

You have to be careful, these kind of trades are against the game guidlines.

Payed Games and Activities

If you are bored in-game you might tend to travel to hollawarps and some hollawarps say -hey payaway 100c ONLY OMG RARES HERE- or -pick da block 10c COME QUICK JUST:- if you are up to date with the game you would know by now these are against the game guidlines. If you see anyone doing payed activity please report the situation, the moderators won't be there all the time so we need the problem to be sorted.

In-game Warnings

Some silly people might say warning are useless, well do you want to be scammed? Warnings are here in-game for a reason and a reason only. Moderators will not give warnings for fun, they will only give warnings if they need to so please if you get a warning and you feel as if you have done nothing wrong please don't let everyone know because no one cares just private message a moderator they could take you warning away if need, but it's not an excuse thing, you need to tell the truth. Don't just make up a load of rubbish to avoid warning because that will get you in more trouble and we don't want that do we now?

Stay Safe