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Item type:


Available in:

Recube Bin


Recubes are a secondary type of currency in cubic castles. Recubes can be used to purchase special items, farming items and shouts from the Cubit Store.

How to Obtain:

  • Recube Bin: You can get Recubes by recubing clothing items through the Recube Bin, which can be bought from the Cubit Store for 250Cubit.png.
  • Farming Recubes can be earned through farming, which is the most efficient way of earning recubes.
  • Fishing You can earn recubes by trading fish to the Fisherman NPC in the realm "Cubic Farmer's Co-Op" on average, the fisherman gives out 1Recube.png per regular fish and 2Recube.png for more uncommon fishes.


  • Before the farming update, recubes were solely earned through recubing clothing items.
  • Recubes aren't trade-able through cash registers, unlike its Cubit counterpart.