Rainbow Beach Umbrella

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Rainbow Beach Umbrella

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Rainbow Beach Umbrella is a block in Cubit Castles. It is one of the 5 Beach Umbrellas within the game.

Types of Beach Umbrella

Red Beach Umbrealla.png

Blue Beach Umbrealla.png

Green Beach Umbrealla.png

Purple Beach Umbrealla.png

Red Beach Umbrella

Blue Beach Umbrella

Green Beach Umbrella

Purple Beach Umbrella

How to obtain

Rainbow Beach Umbrella is not obtainable from any pack nor from the cubit store.


  • The Rainbow Beach Umbrella has been seen and added to the game during summer 2017 with the Summer Bummer Pack.
  • It has not been given through the Summer Bummer Pack as originally planned.
  • It was only available during June 2018, during summer events held by Space_fetus.

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