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Store Checkout example

Like many other massively multiplayer online games, Cubic Castles also has a trading system. It's a big opportunity for the players that like to manage their own little business; be it material providing or vanity items. You can find many of player made stores of all kinds!

What is trading for?

Trading is a good way to earn some Cubits, if you have some spare items or materials to sell. Selling craftable items is also very helpful.

How to trade?

Firstly, you will need a Cash Register, never trade without it, not use a Tip Piggy instead. Using Cash Registers is the safest way to trade! Secondly, the best option is to set up your own store; pick a design, build some displays and don't forget about the checkout with your Register to trade your items. Don't forget to glass your items so they don't vanish from your displays!

Important notes

  • Cash Register owner cannot see the trade button, only other players that want to trade can do it.
  • While trading, always double and triple check before accepting the trade!
  • Never use a Tip Piggy as a way to pay for the items, it is not a safe trade.
  • The easiest way to find stores is via Skymap, just pick the Shop tag and you will see only Shop Realms on the map of the overworld you're currently in.
  • Do not trade any in-game items for other games' goods, it is forbidden and might lead to a permanent ban of your account. Same goes to selling accounts.