Kitchen Pack

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The Kitchen Pack Tile

The Kitchen Pack is a new pack, officially implemented to the game on August, the 8th of 2018. As the Dungeon Pack, it is meant to stay available in the Cubit Store. It costs 2500 Cubit.png.


Item name:
Angled Kitchen Tile.png Angled Kitchen Tile
Big Kitchen Tile.png Big Kitchen Tile
Jumbled Kitchen Tile.png Jumbled Kitchen Tile

Decorative Blocks

Item name:
Item name:
Item name:
Expresso Machine.png Expresso Machine Black Coffee achine.png Black Coffee Machine White Coffee Machine.png White Coffee Machine
Kitchen Counter.png Kitchen Counter Kitchen Cupboard.png Kitchen Cupboard Kitchen Sink.png Kitchen Sink
Blender.png Blender Food Processor.png Food Processor Rice Cooker.png Rice Cooker
Ice Container.png Ice Container Modern Fridge.png Modern Fridge Mini Fridge.png Mini Fridge
Microwave.png Microwave Range Hood.png Range Hood Toaster Over.png Toaster Over
Knife Holder.png Knife Holder Toaster.png Toaster Waffle Maker.png Waffle Maker
Bread Box.png Bread Box Dishwasher.png Dishwasher


Item name:
Short Grey Chef Cap.png Short Grey Chef Cap Common
Short Red Chef Cap.png Short Red Chef Cap Common
Tall Grey Chef Cap.png Tall Grey Chef Cap Common
Tall Red Chef Cap.png Tall Red Chef Cap Common
Floppy Chef Hat.png Floppy Chef Hat Rare
Hamburger Head.png Hamburger Head Very Rare
Hotdog Head.png Hotdog Head Very Rare
Pizza Face.png Pizza Face Wondrous