Fool's Dirt

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The Fool's Dirt

The Fool's Dirt is a Seasonal Pack that can be purchased from the Cubit Store during Fool's Day. The price of the pack changes every year, so there is no set price.

Besides its random common appearance, this dirt conceals many secrets! Will you dare buying this block on that special day?


Item name:
Fool's Cap.png Fool's Cap Common Fool's 2016
Least Fool's Cap.png Least Fools Cap Very Rare Fool's 2016
Lesser Fool's Cap.png Lesser Fool's Cap Very Rare Fool's 2016
Motley Shirt.png Motley Shirt Wondrous Fool's 2016
Motley Pants.png Motley Pants Wondrous Fool's 2016
Beaglepuss.png Beaglepuss Common Fool's 2017
Clown Mask.png Clown Mask Common Fool's 2018
Jester Cane.png Jester Cane Common Fool's 2018
Jester back.png Jester Pack Common Fool's 2019
Hypno.png Hypno Shades Common Fool's 2019
Hipno.png Hipno Shadez Common Fool's 2019


Item name:
Lil Bunnyzilla.png Lil Bunnyzilla Common Fool's / Easter 2018


  • In 2016, Fool's Dirt costed 2500 Cubit.png.
  • In 2017, Fool's Dirt costed 2017 Cubit.png.
  • In 2018, 3 Fool's Dirts appeared, they costed 5124 Cubit.png on April 1st, 2018 Cubit.png on April 2nd and 3019 Cubit.png on April 3rd.


  • The particular thing of this Pack resides in its lenght! It usually last only 1 or 2 days.
  • Easter and Fool's Day fell on the same day during 2018! That's why 3 different fool dirt appeared from April 1st and April 3rd.
  • Lil Bunnyzilla is the only block / buildable item coming from Fool's Dirt.