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Beach Ball

A ball is an interactive item that can be purchased from the Cubit Store in the Balls Pack, or, like the Beach Ball, can be gotten from a limited edition pack as well.

  • The Balls Pack comes with 40 of each of these: Beach Balls, Basketballs, Soccerballs, and Golf Balls. It costs 1000Cubit.png.
  • To use a ball, simply drop it on the ground. Once dropped, if you walk into it, or touch it, you will kick it away.
  • The Basketball bounces higher than the others when kicked, while the Soccerball bounces lower but goes further. The Beach Ball and Golf Ball are both in-between in how far they bounce.

Item name:
Beach Ball.png Beach Ball Common Balls Pack, Summer Bummer Pack
Basketball.png Basketball Common Balls Pack
Golf Ball.png Golf Ball Common Balls Pack
Soccerball.png Soccerball Common Balls Pack