2020 Events

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Share Shareable Stuff (2020)

Kewberth would like people to send in pictures of interesting builds that may interest new people to try playing Cubic Castles. Imagine a post along the lines of...

Someone built a really cool pirate ship in Cubic Castles! Check it out! With the shot.


Look at the amazing farm that so and so grew in Cubic Castles!

If you would like to participate please Click Here!

Koala Hat Charity Event (2020)

As of the fires in Australia, the admins have planned an event for donations to help save the koalas. You will be able to get yourself a KOALA HAT!

To get the Koala hat you should do the following.

Using your email associated with your player account, make a one time donation to the Adelaide Koala Rescue.

Their donation page can be found here...


The donation should be 10 AUD or greater. How much you donate is up to you. You may donate twice for 2 hats but the limit is 2 hats per player.

After you've made the donation you will receive a receipt from them via e-mail - Forward the receipt details via a cubic castles support ticket here...


Once we have your donation details we'll add you to the list to receive a Koala hat. We'll probably let this run around 1 month and then give all the hats out at the end.

EVENT OVER - Thank you to everyone who donated.

Easter Art Competition!(2020)

If you think you are good at art and want to show it off, here is your opportunity! You will have to create a piece of artwork relating to the recent system messages we've been getting. If you would like to participate: https://forums2.cubiccastles.com/index.php?p=/discussion/28234/easter-art-contest-official-event#latest. EVENT OVER.

Fetus Isles Raceway - April Race League Event (2020)

This is an event for everyone who loves to race, the event is running in Fetus Isles Raceway and will also be located at the top of the realm search bumper. More information found here: https://forums2.cubiccastles.com/index.php?p=/discussion/28516/fetus-isles-raceway-april-race-league-event-official-event#latest. EVENT OVER.

Cubic Castles Race League(2020)

Space_Fetus, once again, is inviting us to participate in a race! Go time yourself and see how well you do while putting yourself up for a prize! More info: https://forums2.cubiccastles.com/index.php?p=/discussion/27637/the-cubic-castles-race-league-2020-official-event-updated-march#latest

Valentine Raceway- February Race League Event (2020)

This event was a racing event at valentine, lasting the month of February. EVENT OVER

Valentine Building Contest (2020)

Like every year, there was a test of building. It had to be a valentine style build! You can still visit the builds at the OFFICIAL EVENTS REALM. EVENT OVER