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Angel is a player whom has dedicated her spare time to help moderate Cubic Castles.

! Angels name comprises of two spaces before and after "Angel" !

About Angel

Angel, previously know as *MadameAngel*, besides from moderating ingame, loves to build, create, collecting Angel Wings, saying "Leedle", as well as spending time with good friends. Angel has a total of five pets, but three are Angels "fur babies", and two are Angel's "beautiful fullmoon betas".

Joined Cubic Castles: 15th November 2014
Roles: Player, Retired Game Moderator.

Joined the ingame moderator team: 28th May 2015.
Left the ingame moderator team: 8th May 2020.

Location: U.S.A.
Languages known: English, Vietnamese.
Age: Unspecified.
Gender: Female.

Realms: Madame angel's Cloud 9 Of Doors
Clan: FairyTail