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Halloween short stories and poems

It's time for a spooky night! everyone would tell creepy stories and poems! Everyone is allowed to post only 1 submission. From October 8th to October 21st, everyone would be free to express their talents through a keyboard for that amazing nigh which is the Halloween's. The 5 best stories/poems would receive a Black Meemew each.

Halloween Building Contest

Builders! it's time to proove your building qualities through this new building contest! Horror and halloween are the main themes! From October 15th to October 28th, every Qbee is invited to build the scariest and most original build ever! The 5 best creations would win 500,000 Cubit.png, 300,000 Cubit.png, 150,000 Cubit.png, 75,000 Cubit.png and 50,000 Cubit.png.

CowBlock.png Seasonal Building Contests CowBlock.png

These contests are usually organized around celebrations like Christmas or Easter.
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Cubic Castles regularly needs to update its facebook banner. Some contests are then created for these occasions.
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2018 Events

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  • All the listed events are official.
  • Events can be found in Space Fetus's Official Event Realm.
  • The events are hosted by our Event Co-Ordinator Space_Fetus.